The social dimension


  • Contribution to the community:

It is reflected in all activities that the company could participate in to develop the local community. It includes creating job opportunities and launching initiatives to promote local economic development through expanding educational programs, developing skills, and youth care through cultural and sports clubs. Community development is centered in the following areas



  • Charity: Participation in social issues such as education in human rights and time issues.
  • Investment in non-profit organizations: An example to alleviate poverty and social development programs
  • Supporting youth groups and develop their skills
  • Supporting women's empowerment in society.
  • Promoting moral values ​​and social solidarity.
  • Respect for laws,regulations and different cultures
  • Facing disasters and crises
  • Supporting sports and health activities.
  • Supporting cultural and civilizational development
  • Spreading the culture of compliance with regulations and laws in society
  • Strengthening the national and historical culture.