Contractors' Plant and Machinery Insurance

Contractors' All Risks (CAR) Insurance:

If the "project" requires maintenance, replacement or rehabilitation due to loss or sudden damage during implementation and/or rehabilitation, the insurance provides coverage for owners and/or contractors.

Features of the the "Contractors' All Risks (CAR) Insurance" Program:

  • Coverage includes contract work (including all the material costs involved) and all permanent and temporary jobs that shall be implemented in the "project" including:
    • Adjoined, available, stored and transported properties
    • Other properties belonging to the owners (existing properties)
    • Contractor's equipment and machinery and temporary facilities required for construction at the project site
    • Coverage of "debris removal" costs.
    • Architects' / consultants' fees
    • Air Freight
    • Overtime and night shift hours
  • Coverage includes public liability towards third parties. In other words, the company compensates the insured for the amounts he/she becomes legally liable to pay as follows:
    • Physical injury or illness of third parties (fatal or not)
    • Loss and damage to property belonging to third parties.

Coverage includes cross liability to secure any public liability towards third parties, including project owners, contractors, concrete contractors and engineers


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